Tuesday, March 13, 2012

2 Palestinian and 55 American Activists Detained by Israel in Al-Walajeh

Today at noon, the Israeli army detained a delegation of 55 Harvard students who came to visit the village of Al-Walajeh, west of Bethlehem, to understand the impact of the Wall on the local life and were interrogated by the Israeli Security forces for several hours.

The visit, organized by the local Popular Committee Against the Wall, was supposed to allow the group of American students to see for themselves the total encirclement of a village house by the Wall. After the completion of the Wall, the family living in the house will have to use a tunnel built and managed by the Israelis to reach their village.

The French photographer, Anne Pacq, reported that the Israeli soldiers also detained two coordinators of the Popular Committee Against the Wall. One of them, Ms. Shereen Al-Araj, told PNN by phone that the group was being transferred to a nearby Israeli checkpoint to be interrogated.


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