Saturday, March 3, 2012

Activist Fadi Quran released on bail


Today, the Palestinian Youth Activist Fadi Quran, has been released on bail for 3000 shekels, by the Israeli prison service.

Quran was arrested by the Israeli Occupying Force on 23rd February during a demonstration organised by Youth Against Settlements in Hebron to re-open Shu Hada street, which was once a busy thoroughfare and the centre of trade in Hebron, but was taken under control of the Israeli Occupying Force in H2 and currently solely houses settlers and soldiers.

Quran, an American citizen and alumni at Stanford University, was arrested on the basis that he had assaulted an Israeli soldier during the demonstration. However video footage from the arrest shows Quran merely shouting at the soldiers, at which point he was pepper sprayed in the face and violently arrested. Before he was detained in the vehicle he collapsed and called out that he couldn't breath.

Quran had previously taken part in the Freedom Riders, in which a group of Palestinian activists boarded a settlers bus to Jerusalem in a protest against Israeli Apartheid in Palestine.

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