Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Egypt Announce Truce in Gaza

Israeli aerial bombardment on Gaza
by Ghassan Bannoura

 Cairo announced on Tuesday that a ceasefire deal was reached between Israel and Palestinian groups in Gaza ending five days of escalation in the costal enclave.

 Egyptian officials announced that the deal took effect on Tuesday morning. The Egyptian government issued a statement saying that “a deal was reached to end the recent operations from both sides and the start of general calm including the halt of assassinations. The deal took effect at 1:00 AM on Tuesday and Egypt will monitor the deal.”

The Islamic Jihad movement was first to welcome the deal and announced that it will honered as long as Israeli does not extra judicially assassinate their leader of other heads of armed resistance groups in Gaza and the West Bank.

The Egyptian officials assured that the deal was reached after calls have been made with all leaders of Palestinian factions in Gaza.

The latest round of escalation started after the Israeli army assassinated, on Friday, leader of the armed resistance group in Gaza the Popular Resistance Committees, and his assistance.

Meanwhile, Israel’s military Chief of Staff, Benny Gantz, commented on the Egyptian brokered truce by telling army new recruits on Tuesday that “It’s not over until it’s over. Quiet will be answered with quiet, and fire will be answered with fire.”

Israeli war-jets bounded the Gaza Strip since Friday afternoon. In total 23 Palestinians were killed in the aerial bombardment and some 45 civilians mostly children and women were injured. The last attack on Monday afternoon left an old man and his 30 year old daughter dead. Earlier on Monday morning a school boy was killed when jetfighter attacked a playground near a local school in Gaza.


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