Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Gaza: Boy Dies of Wounds Sustained on Monday; Jetfighters Bomb Gaza City

Civilians injured in Gaza during the latest wave of Zionist
by Ghassan Bannoura

 Seven year-old, Baraka Al Mughrabi, died, on Wednesday midday, after succumbing to wounds he sustained during an Israeli air raid targeting Gaza City on Monday. His death brings the death toll due Israeli military escalations targeting the costal enclave since last Friday to 26.

 The latest round of escalation started after the Israeli army assassinated, on Friday, leader of the armed Popular Resistance Committees in Gaza and his assistance. Palestinian sources announced today that among those 26 killed were five elderly men, two women and five children. 80 people in total were injured some lies in critical conditions.

Meanwhile on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning Israeli jet fighters violated the Egyptian meditated truce and conducted air raids targeting a number of locations in Gaza city. One of the targeted buildings was a wood factory. The factory was totally destroyed, no injuries reported.

Cairo announced on Tuesday that a ceasefire deal was reached between Israel and Palestinian groups in Gaza ending five days of escalation in the costal enclave. According to Cairo Israel will stop attacks and extra judicially assassinations while Palestinian resistance will halt home-made shells fire from Gaza.

Meanwhile Israeli army officials dobbed the Egyptian meditated truce “fragile” adding that Palestinian groups may violate the truce deal. Yesterday Palestinian groups announced that they will resume firing home-made Qassam shells into Israeli towns near Gaza if Israel does not keep its end of the deal.


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