Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hana Shalabi on Trial Today

On Wednesday March 7, Hana Shalabi is still determined to continue with her hunger strike, though the Israeli Military Court decision on 4th March to reduce her administrative detention order from Six months to four. Shalabi now on her 21st day of hunger strike, protesting against aggressive practices against her in prison: the torture, assault and the bad treatment in which she has been subjected to during her detention without charges or trial.

According to Adameer Association for Prisoners' Support and Human Rights, Hana Shalabi told Adameer- affiliated lawyer Muna Naddaf during her visit to Hasharon prison on Monday that she has only been drinking water since her arrest. During the past four days, she has only been able to drink 1.5 liters of water total due to experiencing extreme nausea. She stated that she is feeling pain in her chest below her heart and pain above her waist, in addition to dizziness. The lawyer noted that Hana had difficulty speaking without pausing, and would breathe for moments before resuming speech. The lawyer also observed that Hana looked very tired and did not move very much.

On 1st March, Hana's lawyers submitted a complaint to the Israeli Attorney General and to the Israeli military prosecutor for the assaults on Shalabi.
On 4th March, in the first session of the Military Court to review her administrative detention, the Israeli military commander, Judge Dalya Kaufman, dismissed the request by Hana's lawyers to call on witnesses to testify to the assault and abuse inflicted upon Hana. The judge stated that the request was denied based on the fact that "the prosecution requested the military police to conduct an investigation". The judge then reduced her administrative detention order for a period of four months.

On 5th March, an appeal was also submitted to the Israeli Military Court of Appeals about Hana's administrative detention order. The session is scheduled today, 7 March, at 1:30pm.

During the past week, other Palestinian political prisoners joined Hana Shalabi in her hunger strike protesting the unjust Israeli military court system, which violates the international legal standards and human rights laws.

Addameer and PHR-Israel call on the local and international communities, including the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and the European Union, to take immediate action and intervene to put pressure on Israel to:

1-  Allow medical visits to Hana Shalabi
2- To immediately release Hana Shalabi without pre-conditions
3- To stop using the administrative detention against the Palestinian prisoners.
4- To start a serious and independent investigation into Israeli accusations of torture, inhumane and degrading treatment of Hana Shalabi.

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