Saturday, March 10, 2012

Madhoun: A new Israeli operation in Gaza may extend to Egypt this time

GAZA, (PIC)-- Political analyst Ibrahim Al-Madhoun warned that the Israeli military aggression against Gaza on Friday could escalate and extend to Egypt, especially since there are no Arab and international moves to curb it.

"We need to emphasize first that the Zionist aggression has not stopped for one moment against Palestine, either in Gaza, the West Bank or Jerusalem, and what is happening to Gaza now is only an episode of Israel's crimes against the Palestinian people; this arrogance will continue since there is Arab and international silence," Madhoun told the Palestinian information center (PIC) on Saturday.

He said the Israeli military attacks of Friday were the most serious since the last Israeli war on Gaza that ended in 2009.

"It is noted that the aggression started in the wake of the controversial meeting between the occupation government premier Benjamin Netanyahu and US president Barack Obama who agreed on delaying or not considering the option of attacking Iran; what it looks like that the occupation was entertaining the intention to deliver a painful strike against the Gaza Strip in a bid to restore its deterrence capability that it had lost after Wafa Al-Ahrar swap deal, as well as to drain the resistance, test its actual ability and monitor its moves," the analyst elaborated.

He opined that that there could be an Israeli scheme to repeat its military operation, the cast lead, against Gaza in order to confuse the changes taking place in the Arab world, especially in Egypt, and to gauge how the post-revolution Arab masses would react if it attacked Gaza.

The political analyst warned that in case the Israeli aggression against Gaza escalated, it would have the snowball effect and could extend to Egypt and its Sinai territory, especially since Israeli voices started to emerge lately calling for a military operation against Sinai.

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