Thursday, March 15, 2012

Prisoners Prepare for "largest Hunger Strike ever"


On Wednesday March 15, the office of Waed Society for Detainees and Ex-Detainees said in a press release that "Prisoners have completed the final preparations for the largest hunger strike to ever in Israeli prisons." The hunger strike will take place in April.

Waed Society said that the national prisoners' movement inside the prisons agreed on the beginning of the hunger strike. The participants of the strike will be announced shortly before commencing, in case of any procedures may be taken by the prison service to isolate or transfer prisoners.

Abdallah Qandel, A media official in Waed Society, said "the prisoners assured the society that the strike will continue until their demands are achieved. Their demands of Israeli prison service include; the ceasing of the policy of solitary confinement - especially for old prisoners, ceasing the neglect of those needing medical attention, and allow visits of prisoners."

Qandel also said that the upcoming battle needs the concerted effort of Palestinians to support the prisoners, to expose the Israeli violations against prisoners, and call for the end of these violations.


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