Saturday, March 15, 2014

Energy authority: As of today afternoon, power outages for long hours in Gaza.

GAZA, (PIC)-- Deputy head of the energy authority in Gaza Fathi Khalil said that the power station would stop providing Gaza areas with electricity on a steady basis as of 12 o'clock Saturday afternoon after its fuel reserves almost ran out.

In press remarks, Khalil stated that his authority would have to cut electricity to Gaza areas for 12 hours every day until the Qatari-funded fuel arrives in Gaza through the Israeli-controlled crossing Karam Abu Salem.

Qatar channeled 10 million dollars to the Palestinian Authority (PA) in order to buy fuel supplies sufficient to operate the Gaza power station for about three months.

There is a possibility that the PA may fail to buy the fuel for Gaza and will use the Qatari grant to pay some of its debts, which exceeded 350 million shekels, to the Israeli petroleum company.


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