Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Israelis are behaving and acting very much like the Nazis

By Khalid Amayreh in occupied Palestine

The Shuja-eya Massacre: 20 July, 2014 

There is a striking similarity between the massacre of Lidice at the hands of Nazi SS and the Gestapo and the massacre of Shuja'eya in the Gaza Strip which occurred at dawn on Sunday, 20 July.
At around 12:45 a.m. (shortly after midnight) as Israeli tanks were advancing into the dense Shuja'eya neighborhood in eastern Gaza, Palestinian resistance fighters ambushed an Israeli armored personnel carrier (APC), killing 13 Israeli soldiers. The ambush came in retaliation for the killing by the Israeli army of more than 300 Palestinians, most of them innocent civilians, including more than 50 children and toddlers.
Israeli military commanders were infuriated. They immediately ordered the army to carry out a huge massacre in revenge. Thus, in less than an hour, heavy Israeli artillery began shelling Palestinian homes in order to "teach Palestinians a lesson."
The sustained bombardment lasted for more than 45 minutes, leaving more than a hundred civilians dead. As of the time of writing this article, it is believed that many of the victims are still buried under the rubble.
The macabre scenes of decapitated and badly-mutilated children were too shocking to be described in words. Reporters at the site of the carnage lost their composure and collapsed as they couldn't cope with the gruesomeness of the pornographic bloodbath.
Israel's political and military leaders, including Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, were quite gleeful, refusing to express any semblance of sorrow or even regret for the wanton killings. Netanyahu actually sought to justify the carnage, saying the Israeli army had to act this way in order to deter the Palestinians and save "Jewish lives."
Immoral world
I am not going to discuss Israeli "rationales" behind slaughtering Palestinians. Israel has been slaughtering innocent civilians since time immemorial. Israel and her supporters are also quite skillful in fornicating with words and with the truth.
The naked reality is that Israel is murdering civilians knowingly and deliberately, taking advantage of disgracefully shameless reactions by the bulk of the international community to the genocidal atrocities.
I am not accusing Jews of shipping Palestinian civilians to Auschwitz, Bergen Belsen, Mauthausen and Dachau. However, it is a clarion fact that Israel is bringing Auschwitz and other concentration camps to Palestinian homes, neighborhoods, hospitals and mosques.
Nonetheless, I do know that no matter how many Palestinian children and civilians the Nazis of our time murder in full view of the world will be sufficient to move the whoring international community to take a meaningful action against Israel.
Indeed, the governments and leaders of most influential states in this world, including the leaders of the U.S., UK. France, Germany, Russia and China are too morally bankrupt to be counted on to restrain Israeli monstrosity, let alone take a proactive action against it.
In the final analysis, Israel wouldn't have reached this level of nefariousness and ghoulishness had it not been for the active support and backing of the Nazi-like entity by these immoral entities.
But the Wehrmacht, the SS and Gestapo eventually found their proper place in the dustbin of history. So will the Jewish Wehrmacht, the Jewish SS and the Jewish Gestapo. It is only a matter of time.

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