Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Judeo-Nazi state, also known as Israel

Khalid Amayreh
I will no longer be using euphemistic language in reference to Jewish Nazism, especially in light of the latest Dresden-like bombing of Gaza by the Judeo-Nazi state, also known as Israel.
The pornographic death and destruction inflicted by the Judeo-Nazi state on the innocent population of Gaza must be treated as a watershed. It is the Auschwitz, Mauthauzen and Dachau of Palestine. The victims are the helpless children and women of Palestine. And the perpetrators are the Nazi-minded Jews who wanted to avenge the German-perpetrated holocaust in the course of the Second World War.
From now on, I will not listen to anyone preaching about peace with the Judeo-Nazi state. In the final analysis, peace with Israel would be very much like peace with Hitler if only because Hitlerian Nazism and Jewish Nazism are carbon copies of each other.
At the end of the day, no person with an iota of common sense would seek safety in a hole where venomous snakes live. The same logic applies to the Judeo-Nazi state whose inhabitants gleefully celebrate the mass murder of children and breast-feeding mothers as a national victory.
Therefore, we Palestinians must mobilize the entire international community to boycott the Judeo-Nazi state at all levels. We owe it to the victims of Jewish Nazism in Gaza and elsewhere to desist from erstwhile naïve behavior of trying to build bridges with the Nazis of our time. Bridges can't be built with those calling for our destruction and extermination. Thinking otherwise would be infinitely stupid, self-defeating and disastrous.
We must also mobilize Muslim communities everywhere to treat Judeo-Nazis in a way befitting their nefarious ideology and evil behavior. After all, these are the murderers of our children.
We must abandon once and for all any propensity to be nice where being nice is interpreted as weakness and cowardice.
Please, no more efforts to normalize with the murderers of our kids. No more inter-religious encounters, no more friendly soccer matches and no more courtesy calls. We must never allow the evil Judeo Nazis to beguile us into dancing in our children's funerals.
This is the message we need to communicate to the Palestinian Authority (PA) and its often obsequious officials who have repeatedly displayed eagerness to normalize with the murderers of our children.
Yes, there must be no more betrayal of our children's blood, spilled knowingly and deliberately by the very people our generosity has often been meted out to them.
We don't want to see these Judeo-Nazi killers in our cities or villages or convention centers. Period.

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